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Our Services - Anglia WoodfuelsAnglia Woodfuels
Anglia Woodfuels specialize in the production of high grade woodchip and we pride ourselves in producing a consistent quality product to a number of sites and customers around East Anglia.


Our customers range from private houses and estate buildings, farm buildings, CHP gasifiers, nurseries and public buildings, many of whom have been with us on long term contracts for a number of years and who we have delivered to consistently year after year often at a day or twos notice.

Timber Sourcing

Our timber is sourced from sustainably managed woodlands around East Anglia, with the majority coming from our own managed woodlands. Our chips are mainly from pine as it is predominant in the region although other species of softwood as well as poplar are sometimes used.

Precision Drying our Woodchip

All our woodchip is force dried using a 1MW biomass boiler on a drying bed to ensure that its Moisture Content is exactly where we want it. We can dry to a specific moisture and produce chip that is anywhere from 25% down to 0% Moisture. The improved performance of precision dried, low moisture content chip is apparent through the increased calorific value and increased lifetime of the boilers that use it.

Chip Sizes & Screening

We provide chip at sizes G30 and G50 and further information on these specifications can be found on the wood chip specifications page.We also offer screened chip, suitable for CHP Gasifiers and those who require a highly uniform product free of fines and large material. We also offer free extensive advice to estates and customers on boiler installers, boilers and storage facilities, advice on the RHI and general forestry.

Planning & Just in Time production

Due to our drying system, green timber can be dried to 0% moisture within 3 days allowing us to operate a just in time production process to cater for increases in demand through the year. Our own forestry operations allow us to have a constant supply of timber so there is always product available. Our delivery options can be tailored to fit in with site and customer requirements, please see the delivery page for details, volumes and transport options.

We also sell fresh felled softwood, moisture content 45-50% delivered in 25 tonne lorry loads.

The majority of this roundwood is pine and payment terms are 30 days from delivery. Please use the contact us page for sales enquiries.

Anglia Woodfuels are also interested in purchasing timber from sustainably managed woodlands. We buy fresh felled roundwood at rideside, the majority of which being softwood species.

Payment can be made on inspection and is done on a volume basis. Collection can be made immediately if required.

Chipping can be arranged via a contractor at up to 300 tonnes in a 10 hour day and can be chipped to various specifications to suit the needs of the customer.

We are also looking for opportunities to establish further depots in East Anglia for storage of roundwood and woodchips chipped on site and welcome any proposals.

 Anglia Woodfuels deliver to customers around East Anglia on a daily basis, fulfilling weekly and annual contracts as well as one off sales.

Volumes & Weights

Our woodchip can be bought by volume (m3) or by weight (tonnes). Dependent on chip size, weight/volume will vary and we offer consultation on which chip would be best suited to your boiler needs.

Our standard delivery service uses an articulated 90m3 moving floor lorry that can deliver 21.5 tonnes of G30 W25% chip.

To put this in comparison, at chip size G50 a 90m3 lorry would take 17.75 tonnes.

Delivery options:

90m3 Articulated moving floor lorry – 21 tonnes

55m3 Articulated tipper trailer – 13 tonnes

30m3 8 wheeler tipper lorry – 7 tonnes.

19m3 tractor & trailer delivered locally – 4.5 tonnes.

All prices available upon application all exclusive of VAT and payment terms within 30 days of receipt of invoice.

Long term contracts are available subject to negotiation as are one off purchases.