Introducing Anglia Woodfuels


Anglia Woodfuels, established originally in 2009 under the name Oykel Woodfuels is a company that specialises in the production and distribution of woodchip throughout East Anglia.

Founded by Edward Brun, a woodland owner who has been involved in the forestry sector for over 35 years, the business aims to provide a high quality and consistent product and service to the biomass boiler market using locally sourced and sustainably managed timber.

Anglia Woodfuels was originally created as a cooperative of woodland owners and farmers to facilitate the production and supply of woodfuel from woodland owners to the biomass boiler market within East Anglia. In 2013 the cooperative was dissolved and Edward has now reformed Anglia Woodfuels as a private business, to replace Oykel Woodfuels, an established provider of woodchip to the region.


About a third of every softwood tree is of low-grade quality, and finding a market for this is important. Historically the markets for this material have been for pulp, chipboard and animal bedding but these processors have been too far away, rendering them uneconomic because of haulage costs. The answer lies in the production of fuelwood and in particular woodchip for more local markets.

Operating from our central depot in Norfolk, we supply customers across East Anglia from private houses to large-scale commercial operations on long and short-term contacts.

We pride ourselves in offering a fully tailored service from advice about boiler installations, storage and handling of woodchip, optimum fuel usage, burning efficiencies and annual consumptions.

Our Woodchip

Our woodchip consists mainly of pine and is precision dried to a moisture content of 25% – 10%. All our chips come from virgin timber with full traceability of all material used. We offer two sizes of chips, G30 & G50 and offer optional screening, advice and guidance on the best fuel for your boiler and quantity requirements. We also offer screened woodchip precision dried to below 10% moisture content suitable for CHP units.

Our Services

Along with the supplying of woodchip we also sell round wood softwood at 45-55% moisture content. We are also involved in the purchasing of timber and offer advice and guidance for every step down the biofuel road.